How To Apply For Job Abroad

First of all, there are many ways to apply for work abroad. Some of it are just word of mouth, from friends, search on the internet or job postings on job boards at your local government offices. We would like to cover as much as we can to help guide you in getting a job abroad.

Recruiters / Recruitment Agencies

They are middlemen in finding employers and giving them workers. It is easier to go to a recruiter or recruitment agency instead of finding work yourself because most of the time, recruitment agencies advertise and have many contacts abroad.


There are lots of illegal recruitment / illegal recruiters lurking around willing to take your money. To make sure that the recruiter or recruitment agency is legitimate (authentic), here are a list of sites where you can enter the name of the recruitment agency to know if they are real or fake.

You may also use this lists to find recruitment agencies near you.

If you don’t find the name on POEA’s website you should be careful.

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